Michael Goodfellow

Analog - Matter (forthcoming)

Others Said Disappearance Was Ringed Like a Trunk - Grain (forthcoming)

Diagram of Wood Thrush Migration - Grain (forthcoming)

Vegetation Myth - West Trade Review

Motifs - Modron

Saw - Verse Daily

Did Endings Have Shape - The Shore

Midwinter - Parentheses

Night Host - Matter

Snakemouth Orchid - Literary Review of Canada

Drought Fall - Softblow

Ship's Glossary - Bear Review

Seed Garlic - The Cortland Review

Books of Days - Reliquiae

At Risser's Beach Interpretive Centre - Prairie Fire/Verse Daily

Rosehips - CV2/Poetry Pause

Naturalism, An Annotated Bibliography - The Dalhousie Review

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