Michael Goodfellow

Poems in Magazines & Journals

*poems in bold are available online

Grain, “Diagram of Wood Thrush Migration,” fall 2023, forthcoming

Poetry Pause, “Ship’s Glossary,” summer 2023, forthcoming

Poetry Pause, “Diesel,” summer 2023, forthcoming

Matter, “Analog,” spring 2023, forthcoming

Grain, “Others Said Disappearance Was Ringed Like a Trunk,” spring 2023, vol. 50, no. 3, print

West Trade Review, “Vegetation Myth,” spring 2023, print

Modron, “Motifs,” spring 2023, online

Verse Daily, “Saw,” December 2022, online

The Shore, “Did Endings Have Shape,” no. 16, winter 2022, online

Verse Daily, “Hungry,” December 2022, online

The Windsor Review, “Maps of Other Places,” fall 2022, online

Poetry in Motion/WFNS/Halifax Transit, “Some things don’t have endings,” Sept. 2022, print & online

Literary Review of Canada, “Snakemouth Orchid,” July 2022, print

Parentheses, “Midwinter,” no. 13, summer 2022, print & online; nominated for Best Canadian Poetry, 2024

Poetry Pause, “Duck Blind,” June 2022, online

Softblow, “Drought Fall,” “Drought as a Metaphor for Endings,” “Shoulder Season,” May 2022, online

Juniper, “Animal Light,” vol. 6, no. 1, spring 2022, online

Poetry Pause, “Hirtles Beach Metonymy,” Feb. 14, 2022, online

Riddle Fence, “Distance Was the Colour of Water,” no. 43, winter 2022, print

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, “Thinned Larch,” Jan. 2022, online

Bear Review, “Ship’s Glossary,” vol. 8, no. 1, fall 2021, online

Verse Daily, “At Rissers Beach Interpretive Centre,” August 2021, online

Matter, “Night Host,” no. 29, spring 2021, online

Reliquiae, “Book of Days,” vol. 9, no. 1, spring 2021, print

The Cortland Review, “Seed Garlic,” no. 87, spring 2021, online

Rust & Moth, “Saw,” spring 2021, print & online

Poetry Pause, “Rosehips,” spring 2021, online

The Dalhousie Review, “Naturalism, An Annotated Bibliography,” vol. 100, no. 3, fall 2020, print

Prairie Fire, “Notes on a Middle LaHave Water Lot” and “At Rissers Beach Interpretive Centre,” vol. 41, no. 4 winter 2021, print

CV2, “Rosehips,” vol. 43, no. 1, summer 2020, print

The American Journal of Poetry, “Diesel,” vol. 9, summer/fall 2020, online

Poetry Pause, “Ballast Flint, Oxner’s Beach,” July 2020, online

Train: A Poetry Journal, “Ballast Flint, Oxner’s Beach,” winter 2020, online

Columba Poetry, “January Thaw,” no. 2, winter 2020, online

Measure Review, “Hungry,” fall 2019, online

Verse Daily, “Found,” August 2019, online

League of Canadian Poets website, “LaHave Ferry,” July 2019, online

The Nashwaak Review, “Found,” vol. 38-39, summer/fall 2017, print

The Rucksack, “McNabs Island,” vol. 25, no. 1, fall 2016, print & online

The Halifax Field Naturalist, “Cow Lily,” no. 158, spring 2015, print

The Rotary Dial, “Creek Bed,” no. 29, July 2015, online

The Rotary Dial, “Goosefoot,” no. 13, March 2014, online

The Rotary Dial, “Cattle Road” and “Eel,” no. 11, January 2014, online

The Rotary Dial, “On Fire,” no. 5, July 2013, online

Abjective, “Datura,” no. 125, April 2011, online

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